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Service Bench

Yardarm Service Bench
Yardarm Service Bench Shown With Optional Accessories

Yardarm Service Bench Reinforced Work SurfaceKey Benefits:

  • Heavy duty service bench with mounts for working on marine engines.
  • Features a spacious 8' x 2 ½' (244 cm x 76 cm) work area
  • Work area table top is reinforced 1/4" (6.35 mm) thick steel - will not "gong" when struck
  • Contains receivers for either a stern drive holder, small outboard, outboard powerhead holder, or vice mount on each front corner
  • Back riser features a DuraBoard® pegboard for OEM tool layout, includes tool placement panels and hanging hardware (as shown)
  • Features a shelf underneath work area
  • Powder coat tough finish
  • Optional rear pegboard kit for more storage

Available Models:

Yardarm Service Bench SBT1

Service Bench With Stern Drive Station & Vice Mount

Part Number

Yardarm Service Bench SBT2

Service Bench With Outboard Station & Vice Mount

Part Number

Available Accessories:

WS-STERNDRIVE Accessory Additional Stern Drive Mount:
Part Number
Requires use of WS3-T

WS-OUTBOARD Accessory Additional Outboard Mount:
Part Number
Requires use of WS3-T

WST-3 Accessory Workstation T Assembly:
Part Number
& WS-OUTBOARD mounts

WS-POWERHEAD Accessory Powerhead Mount:
Part Number

WS-VISE Accessory Additional Vise Mount:
Part Number

WS-OUTBOARD Accessory Rear Pegboard Kit With Hardware:
Part Number
Add a DuraBoard® pegboard to the back of your service bench for additional storage. Includes 97 piece DuraHook™ double locking stay put hook set.

Yardarm Service Bench with Two Power HEads
Yardarm Service Bench Shown With Twin Optional Power Head Mounts

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