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Yardarm Marine Products - Made In Indiana

Inboard Boat Stands

Inboard Boat Stands by Yardarm

Key Benefits:

  • 3 stand system for displaying inboard boats
  • Great for boat shows and showrooms
  • Coined base plates make them very stable with people on board
  • Prop/shaft can be kept low to the floor
  • Tiltable for displaying boat interior
  • Height adjustable
  • 4,800 lbs (2,170 kg) max capacity per stand
  • For V-Drive Applications Only

Part Number
Range: 16-3/4" - 24-3/4"
Inboard Boat Stands Adjustable Height Diagram

Part Number
Range: 12-1/4" - 16-1/4"
Inboard Boat Stands Adjustable Height Diagram

Inboard boat displayed tilted on stands set to different heights
Tilted Inboard Boat On Stands

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