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Yardarm Marine Products - Made In Indiana

Outboard Storage Racks

Key Benefits:

  • Premium quality Outboard Engine Stands
  • Rack system for storing and servicing outboard motors
  • Single and multiple engine racks available
  • OBR models feature all steel rugged construction
  • OBRL models feature a large 2" (5 cm) thick laminated Douglas Fir wood transom mounting board for drilling and mounting large outboards
  • Powder coat tough finish (for a great look in your showroom)

Large Outboard Engine Stands

   OBRL1 storage racks shown above feature customer modifications including battery trays and engine controls

Available Models:

Large Single Outboard Storage Rack

Part Numbers / Capacities
1,000 lbs (450 kg) Capacity
32" (.81 m) wide - Holds a single large outboard, can accommodate the largest outboards available
Yardarm OBRL1 Outboard Engine Stand

Large Multiple Outboard Storage Rack

Part Numbers / Capacities
2,000 lbs (900 kg) Capacity
72" (1.82 m) wide - Holds up to 3 large outboards, can accommodate the largest outboards available. Reinforced for today's heavier engines!
Yardarm OBRL3 Large Outboard Engine Stands

Small Outboard Storage Racks

Small Outboard Engine Stands

Available Models:

Mini Outboard Storage Rack

Part Numbers / Capacities
500 lbs (226 kg) Capacity
32" W(.81 m) wide - Holds a single outboard up to 50hp
Yardarm OBR-MINI Outboard Engine Stand

Small Outboard Storage Rack

Part Numbers / Capacities
1,000 lbs (450 kg) Capacity
60" (1.52 m) wide - Holds up to 3 outboards up to 50hp
Yardarm OBR Small Outboard Engine Stand

Available Accessories:

Optional Stern Drive Mount For OBR and OBR-MINI Stern Drive Rack:
Add a stern drive storage rack to your OBR or OBR-MINI

Part Number
Not for use with large outboard storage racks - Use with OBR and OBR-MINI ONLY.

Optional Yardarm OBC Outboard Test Reservior Test Reservoir:
Keeps prop submerged while testing, you cut the lid to fit, includes wheels.

Part Number / Capacity
44 Gal. (166 Liter) Capacity

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