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3-IN-1 Abrasive Blast Pots

Yardarm 3-IN-1 Abrasive Blast Pots
Includes control handle, 55' control hose, 50' blast hose & WIN® Nozzle

Key Benefits:

  • The perfect solution for all marine related abrasive blasting needs
  • 3-IN-1 design allows for:
            1. DRY blasting with standard abrasives
            2. WET water induction dust suppression
            3. SODA and other soft abrasive blasting
  • Premium abrasive metering valve with standard abrasive metering sleeve and multi-port fixed orifice sleeve for soft abrasives
  • Water Induction Nozzle System (WIN®) for wet dust suppression features a high production double-venturi design
  • Moisture separator with 50 micron filter element
  • Galvanized piping for corrosion resistance
  • Heavy duty full port ball valves
  • NEW on demand vibrator for aiding in abrasive flow
  • Pressure regulator with liquid filled gauge
  • Differential pressure gate valve provides precision control of abrasive flow rate
  • Blow-down muffler reduces noise
  • Included lid and screen to keep pot free of contaminants
  • Valve guard to protect components

Available Models:

1.5 Cu. Ft
(43 Liter)
Abrasive Capacity

Part Number
Yardarm 1.5 cu ft 3-IN-1 Abrasive Blast Pot

3.5 Cu. Ft
(100 Liter)
Abrasive Capacity

Part Number
Yardarm 3.5 cu ft 3-IN-1 Abrasive Blast Pot

6.5 Cu. Ft
(185 Liter)
Abrasive Capacity

Part Number
Yardarm 6.5 cu ft 3-IN-1 Abrasive Blast Pot

Soda Blasting Media

Part Number
2,800 lbs (1,270kg) skid of formula 260 abrasive blasting soda
Abrasive blasting soda

Yardarm Abrasive Blast Pot Warranty5 Year / 10 Year Warranty:

Yardarm 3-IN-1 blast pots feature a 5 year warranty on the complete blast pot and a 10 year warranty on the pressure vessel! See warranty documentation for full details.

Click Here For Full Warranty Terms

Yardarm 3-IN-1 Abrasive Blast Pot Manual 3-IN-1 Blast Pot Manual:

Includes parts lists and accessories

Click Here For Manual

Yardarm™ 3-IN-1 Abrasive Blast Pots
The perfect tool for marine coating and build-up removal

Marine Coating and Build Up Removal

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